Rutland County Records

Search for Rutland County VT county records. County records include birth certificates, death certificates, marriage records, marriage licenses, divorce records, property tax records, property ownership, historical records, genealogical research, property titles, property deeds, county maps, county taxes, county zones, school boundaries, and more.

Clerk Offices are responsible for maintaining important records for a county or local area, including multiple types of county records. These include vital documents such as birth certificates, marriage records, divorce records, and death certificates, which can be useful for proving identity or for conducting genealogical research. They may also keep documents related to property ownership and property taxes, including title deeds, tax assessments, property appraisals, and property sale records. The Clerk Office is one of the best places to find all types of county records, which may be available online.

Benson Town Clerk Benson VT 2760 Stage Road 05743 802-537-2611

Castleton Town Clerk Castleton VT 556 Main Street 05735 802-468-2212

Chittenden County Clerk Chittenden VT 260 Chittenden Road 05737 802-483-6647

Chittenden Town Clerk Chittenden VT 337 Holden Road 05737 802-483-6647

Ira Town Clerk West Rutland VT 51 West Road 05777 802-235-2745

Mendon Town Clerk Mendon VT 2282 U.s. 4 05701 802-775-1662

Middletown Springs Town Clerk Middletown Springs VT 10 Park Avenue 05757 802-235-2220

Mt Tabor Town Clerk Mount Tabor VT 522 Brooklyn Road 05739 802-293-5282

Pawlet Town Clerk Pawlet VT 122 School Street 05761 802-325-3309

Rutland County Clerk Rutland VT 9 Merchants Row 05701 802-786-5880

Rutland Town Clerk Center Rutland VT 181 Business Route 4 05736 802-773-2528

Shrewsbury Town Clerk Shrewsbury VT 9823 Cold River Road 05738 802-492-3511

Wallingford Town Clerk Wallingford VT 75 School Street 05773 802-446-2336

Wells Town Clerk Wells VT 108 Vermont 30 05774 802-645-0486

Treasurer and Tax Collector Offices are responsible for collecting local taxes and disbursing the funds. This can include property taxes, business taxes, and other county or local taxes. Treasurer and Tax Collector Offices maintain a number of property-related county records, including property tax assessments, property appraisals, property ownership records, and any tax liens or foreclosures. They may also maintain records on property transfers and sales, including titles and deeds, which list the former and current owners as well as information on the property itself. Treasurer and Tax Collector Offices may provide online access to their county records.

Brandon Town Treasurer Brandon VT 49 Center Street 05733 802-247-5721

Castleton Treasurer Castleton VT 1831 Monument Hill Road 05735 802-273-2951

Chittenden County Clerk/Treasurer's Office Chittenden VT 260 Chittenden Road 05737 802-483-6647

Cuttingsville Treasurer Shrewsbury VT 9823 Cold River Road 05738 802-492-2009

Rutland County Clerk/Treasurer's Office Center Rutland VT PO Box 225 05736 802-773-8901

Historical Societies are usually organized around a particular area, a group of people, or a historical event, and they preserve documents that have historic value. Historical Societies may maintain a range of documents on individuals from that area, including vital records such as birth and death certificates, marriage announcements, and other records that can help with genealogical research. They may also have photographs, historical maps, historical laws, and other records for their location and the people who lived there. Historical Societies may provide online access to their county records.

Castleton Historical Society Castleton VT 407 Main Street 05735 802-265-3208

Hubbardton Historical Society Castleton VT 5568 Monument Hill Road 05735 802-273-3901

Mendon Historical Society Mendon VT 34 U.s. 4 05701 802-773-1662

Pawlet Historical Society Pawlet VT 79 School Street 05761 802-325-2406

Pittsford Historical Society Pittsford VT 3399 U.s. 7 05763 802-483-2040

Poultney Historical Society Poultney VT 1499 East Main Street 05764 802-287-5252

Rutland Vermont Historical Society Rutland VT 96 Center Street 05701 802-775-2006

Shrewsbury Vermont Historical Society Shrewsbury VT 2568 Lincoln Hill Road 05738 802-492-2175

Town and City Halls are responsible for providing municipal services for their locality. As part of this job, they may store important county records, including vital documents such as birth certificates, marriage license records, divorce records, and death certificates. These can be used as proof of identity, in applications for government services, or for performing genealogical research. The Town or City Hall may also keep documents on property ownership, property taxes and tax assessments, and maps for their jurisdiction that include zones, property boundaries, and school boundaries. Town and City Halls often make county records available online.

Castleton Town Hall Castleton VT 556 Main Street 05735 802-468-5319

Clarendon Town Hall North Clarendon VT 279 Middle Road 05759 802-775-1536

Danby Town Hall Danby VT 130 Brook Road 05739 802-293-5136

Fair Haven Town Hall Fair Haven VT 3 North Park Place 05743 802-265-3010

Leicester Town Hall Brandon VT 44 Schoolhouse Rd 05733 802-247-5961

Mendon Town Hall Mendon VT 157 Park Lane 05701 802-775-1662

Mount Tabor Town Hall Danby VT 1333 Depot St 05739 802-293-5333

Pawlet Town Hall Pawlet VT SCHOOL St 05761 802-325-3309

Pittsfield Town Hall Pittsfield VT 40 Village Green Rd 05762 802-746-8170

Proctor Town Hall Proctor VT 45 Main Street 05765 802-459-3333

Rutland City Hall Rutland VT 1 Strongs Avenue 05701 802-773-1800

Sherburne Town Hall Killington VT 2998 River Road 05751 802-422-9765

Tinmouth Town Hall Tinmouth VT 515 North End Road 05773 802-446-2870

Wallingford Town Hall Wallingford VT 75 School Street 05773 802-446-2872

West Rutland Town Hall West Rutland VT 62 Ross Street 05777 802-438-2854

Assessor Offices determine the appraisal value of the taxable property within a county or local jurisdiction, which is used to assess the property taxes owed by residents. Assessors also keep a number of property-related documents, including records on property tax assessments, property appraisals, tax liens, foreclosures, and property tax payments. These records include information about current and former owners of a property, the property's size and location, zones and use regulations, and transfers of the property ownership. Assessors may make county records available through their website.

Rutland County Lister Center Rutland VT 181 Business Route 4 05736 802-773-8901

Archives preserve historically significant documents, which can include a number of county records, such as historical birth certificates and death certificates, as well as marriage and divorce records which can be useful when performing genealogical research. Archives may also contain photographs, historical maps, personal documents, and other historical records about a specific location and the people who lived there. They may also hold historic newspapers that contain county records. Some Archives keep documents that date back to the seventeenth century, and they may provide online access to their records.

Rutland Police Records Archive Rutland VT 108 Wales Street 05701 802-773-1838