Franklin County Records

Search for Franklin VA county records. County records include birth certificates, death certificates, marriage records, marriage licenses, divorce records, property tax records, property ownership, historical records, genealogical research, property titles, property deeds, county maps, county taxes, county zones, school boundaries, and more.

Clerk Offices in Franklin Virginia are responsible for maintaining important records for a county or local area, including multiple types of Franklin records. These include vital records such as birth certificates, marriage records, divorce records, and death certificates, which can be useful for proving identity or for conducting genealogical research in Franklin. They may also keep documents related to Franklin property ownership and property taxes, including title deeds, tax assessments, property appraisals, and property sale records. The Franklin Clerk is one of the best places to find all types of county records, which may be available online.

Franklin County Clerk Franklin VA PO Box 179 23851 434-591-1910