Alleghany County Records

Search for Alleghany County VA county records. County records include birth certificates, death certificates, marriage records, marriage licenses, divorce records, property tax records, property ownership, historical records, genealogical research, property titles, property deeds, county maps, county taxes, county zones, school boundaries, and more.

Clerk Offices in Alleghany County Virginia are responsible for maintaining important records for a county or local area, including multiple types of Alleghany County records. These include vital records such as birth certificates, marriage records, divorce records, and death certificates, which can be useful for proving identity or for conducting genealogical research in Alleghany County. They may also keep documents related to Alleghany County property ownership and property taxes, including title deeds, tax assessments, property appraisals, and property sale records. The Alleghany County Clerk is one of the best places to find all types of county records, which may be available online.

Clifton Forge Clerk Clifton Forge VA 547 Main Street 24422 540-863-2508

Historical Societies in Alleghany County Virginia are usually organized around a particular area, a group of people, or a historical event, and they preserve documents that have historic value. Alleghany County Historical Societies may maintain a range of documents on individuals from that area, including Alleghany County vital records such as birth and death certificates, marriage announcements, and other records that can help with Alleghany County genealogical research. They may also have photographs, historical maps, historical laws, and other records for their location and the people who lived there. Historical Societies may provide online access to their Alleghany County public records.

Alleghany Historical Society Covington VA 149 North Maple Avenue 24426 540-965-0149

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Town and City Halls in Alleghany County Virginia are responsible for providing municipal services for their locality. As part of this job, they may store important county records, including Alleghany County vital records such as birth certificates, marriage license records, divorce records, and death certificates. These can be used as proof of identity, in applications for government services, or for performing genealogical research. The Town or City Hall in Alleghany County may also keep documents on property ownership, property taxes and tax assessments, and maps for their jurisdiction that include zones, property boundaries, and school boundaries. Town and City Halls often make county records available online.

Iron Gate Town Hall Iron Gate VA 401 Commerce Avenue 24448 540-862-0770